(Legacy) SEA Metabolism Library Download

Historically, sea.docking.org/metabolism page contained two resources:

1. One was a custom webpage to click and view networks online, that used the PHP programming language and a MySQL database. This is no longer operational.
2. The second was a link to download a ZIP file containing all of the same networkds and their accompanying data in a form that you can load on your own computer. Link below.

Metabolism ZIP file Download Link
sea_metabolism_20090407.zip Download

The ZIP file contains:

	1. CYS - These are Cytoscape session files (free download at https://cytoscape.org/). 
                 Each one is a network that can be viewed and explored in Cytoscape.
	2. XGMML - These are a more generic alternative to the CYS files, which several other network programs supported at the time (wikipedia). 
                   Their content is redundant with the CYS files and can be ignored if not useful.
	3. SMI -  Plain text. These contain the molecular SMILES (structure) data for the reaction or pathway referenced by their filename.
	4. SET - Plain text. These contain descriptions and reaction/pathway assignments for the molecules.